Our EmployeesCustomer Service Manager in Logistics Industry (5 Main Roles)

March 3, 2022

Neth is our customer service manager that has been with us for 14 years. She believes that her role is important to lead the team and ensure our customers like you are happy with our services. She hopes to continue to grow with us and strive for customer service excellence in the long run.

If you’re reading this, you might be a customer service executive interested in pursuing a management position. You might also be new to this position or have held it for a long time. Either way, right now you might want to lead a team and take on more responsibilities.

What are the roles of a Customer Service Manager?

The goal of this role is to keep profitable clients by adding value to their customer journey experience. This is through empathising with customers’ needs, going for that extra mile and delivering effective solutions to keep them happy.

Neth, our customer service manager mentioned that to keep our customers satisfied with Sin Chew’s services, it is actually aligned with our company’s tagline – Protecting & Positioning businesses. To get them satisfied, we must be able to move their machine or equipment safely and in place. Furthermore, it is critical for a customer service executive to stand out from the crowd by going above and beyond in order for our consumers to experience the “wow” factor.

The main roles of our customer service manager are in the following list:

1. Lead the customer service department

As a customer service manager, you must be able to lead your team and help them to grow. Assist and provide guidance to the customer service executive with any issues that arise. It’s critical to lead by example and establish yourself as a role model. Even though you have a lot of duties and responsibilities on hand, it is still important to take care of them. Neth even mentioned that one of her favourite accomplishments in her role is to teach them and become independent, seeing them becoming a professional customer service executive, teamwork and the bond with my team. Even though there is a gap, I still want them to feel that I am comfortable and approachable.

2. Supervise and track customer service department workflow

When you’re in charge of the customer service department, one of the daily tasks is to track and supervise the department workflow. It is important for a manager to understand the projects that they are handling and provide daily job arrangements. It is important to ensure that all the projects from customers are completed on time.

3. Address and settle any related issues/disputes from customers

Different customers will have different needs and there will be different methods to help them. All these take a lot of experience in the industry and upskilling. When you encounter a problem, stay calm, plan and think of a better solution to settle. Every day is a different scenario and stage, you have to think and plan.

4. Liaise with other departments and follow up on the job process

This department is connected with all other departments from sales, marketing, viewer, operation, admin and so on. As we are all interconnected, we will have to talk to the operation side to understand the suitable equipment and procedures to help our customers to move their machines. There’s a sentence that says: ” teamwork makes the dream work!”

5. Provide valuable insights to stakeholders

It is important for you to provide an overview of your daily, weekly, or monthly performance to the stakeholders. It allows everyone to discuss performance, requests from other departments, and job procedures in order for the operation to run. It also helps you in determining the overall operation of your customer service team and if your executives are on track to meet business objectives.

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Now, we’d like to hear from you:

  • Out of the five main roles that we shared, which one do you think is the most important for a customer service manager?
  • Any stories to share with us about you being a customer service manager or have you encountered any good/bad service before?

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