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Material Treatment

At Sin Chew, we offer an in-house ISPM15 Material and Heat Treatment service that is certified by National Parks Board (Nparks). It is used for your wooden packing materials as part of the compliance requirement to prevent international transport of pests and diseases negatively affecting the ecosystem of the intended destination.

Why does your woods need heat treatment?
– Requirement for Export Shipment
– Pest prevention
– Prevent moulding allergy 
– Prevents decay

How are your woods being treated?
During this process, your boxes, pallets or crates are heated to a core of 56 (⁰C) for a minimum of 30 minutes in our chamber. This guarantees that all pests like insects are destroyed and the wood may then be used and reused to transport goods.

After the wood is being treated and inspected, it will be stamped with an internationally recognisable logo that enables efficient movement of goods and a certification will be given to the customers.

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