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Machinery Packing

We provide industrial machinery packing solutions for industrial machinery or equipment that are sensitive and heavy in nature. It is important to keep them protected with the right packaging solutions during moving so you do not need to worry about any damages during the process. Our team of professional packers are experts in identifying the optimal types of packing solutions for your machinery that comes in different models, shapes and sizes.

We are able to provide in-house production of cleanroom packaging materials to protect your machine and building floor. Impact labels are also used to detect any shock or vibration to prevent any mishandling or damages during shipment, transit and handling.

We offer packing systems like:

  • Shock-absorbing base packing
  • Heavy Machinery Packing
  • Out-of-Gauge Packing
  • Vacuum Packing
  • DGR Packing (Hazard Prevention)
  • Standard Palletising
  • Containerisation

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