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Wooden Cases & Crates: Reusable, Packing, and Shipping Solutions

Our production team is able to design and build wooden cases to protect your machinery and equipment. We also offer different types of packaging services for a wide range of logistical needs such as cargo protection and compliance for insurance purposes. There are ISPM15 Material Treatment services to ensure the quality of your wood packing materials.

Our team can:

  • Design and build according to your needs
  • Construct boxes based on your drawings or samples
  • Fabricate box to improve existing design or functionality

We offer products like:

  • Fully Plywood Cases
  • Normal Plywood Cases
  • Reusable Shipping Box
  • Shock Absorbing Base
  • Special Design Shipping Box
  • Wooden Pallets

Engineering Capabilities

With our creative engineering and design team, we are able to design for you engineered wooden cases that are subjected to structural and vibration analysis to ascertain that your cargoes receive adequate protection throughout the shipment.

Forest Stewardship Council Certification

We work with wood suppliers that are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. FSC certification refers to the forest being managed well to preserve biological diversity and ensure its economic viability. By choosing us, you will be doing your part for the environment as well.

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