Our EmployeesViewer in Logistics Industry (4 Main Roles)

March 21, 2022

Ningkan is our viewer and also one of our many long-service employees with vast experience in logistics operation, having been with the company for the last 17 years. He’s also the team manager that manages the operation team leaders. He believes that viewers are critical in relaying accurate information about the machine, equipment and cargo, as well as conveying customers’ requirements to our internal teams.

Before you click on this, you must be wondering what is a viewer and what do they do? In Sin Chew, they play a key role in providing accuracy and information to our team so that the customer’s project is done efficiently.

What are the roles of a Viewer?

A viewer’s mission is to travel to the customer’s location and liaise with the person in charge to find out more about the machine sizes, types and forms. Not only that, but they must also inspect the customer’s site to see whether there are any tight spaces for machine movement.

The main roles of our viewers are in the following list:

1. Provide accurate machine measurement during viewing

As a viewer, it is important for you to know the different types of viewing jobs in order for you to bring the right equipment. For normal packing jobs, it is important for you to bring a pen, measurement tape and notebook over to the customer’s site to record any important details. For hosting jobs, the viewer may require to bring laser measurement equipment over to measure the distance.

2. Inspect the environment

When you arrive at the customer’s location, inspect the floor to see if the job procedure requires the use of specialised cleanroom moving equipment to protect the customer’s floor. On the other hand, some customer sites with a 10-story building may also require specialised equipment to bring the viewer up safely for measurement.

3. Communicate with customers

The viewer must communicate with the customer in order to fully comprehend their requirements as well as the specifics of the machine or equipment. Throughout the process, you will need to check-in and follow up with the customers.

4. Liaise with the Customer Service department

When our customer service executive receives the call from customers, they will be providing the customer’s information to the viewer so that they can visit the customer’s site for inspection. Both departments work very closely with the customers during the site inspection to ensure accuracy and needs are fulfilled.

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